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Moisturizing Mate - sunscreen applicator

Tanning Lotion - Sunscreen Applicator - Moisturizing Mate

Our tanning / sunscreen lotion applicator helps maintain good skin care and overall health and beauty.

Moisturizing Mate's sunscreen applicator features a unique roller applicator that makes application of sunscreen and tanning lotions to those hard to reach areas of your body quick and easy.

40% of sunscreen products and tanning lotions are absorbed by our hands. The Moisturizing Mate lotion applicator gently applies 100% of your sunscreen lotion, tanning lotion, or skin moisturizer directly to your body with no mess, no stress.

Easy to use! - just fill the Moisturizing Mate with your favorite tanning lotion, moisturizer, or sunscreen and apply!

Moisturizing Mate is a skincare necessity for healthy skin all-over. Moisturizing Mate is great for the beach, spa, or home bath use!

Brisher Group, LLC Plainfield, IL 60544
Moisturizing Mate Common Uses:
Lotion application
Dry skin treatment
Protect sun-exposed skin
Irritated skin treatment
Travel companion to beach, pool, or spa
Bath & body lotion application
Back lotion applicator
Tanning lotion applicator
Health & Beauty - skin care product

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