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Topical Medication Applicator, Moisturizing Mate

Irritated Skin Treatment Lotion Applicator

Topical Skin Treatment Applicator

Irritated skin problems? The Moisturizing Mate's long handled lotion applicator makes topical application of moisturizers and lotions quick and easy.

Our revolutionary lotion applicator features a unique roller that make medication and moisturizer application to the back, and other hard to reach areas fast and easy, relieving irritated skin.

Great for single adults and seniors, Moisturizing Mate enables you to apply any irritated skin topical medication to your own back and other areas beyond your normal reach.

40% of skin care products are absorbed by our hands when we apply lotions. Moisturizing Mate gently applies 100% of your skin medication, moisturizer or skin treatment directly to your body.

Easy to use! - just fill the Moisturizing Mate with your skin medication, moisturizer, or sunscreen and apply to those hard-to-reach areas with no mess, no stress!! Moisturizing Mate is great for the beach, spa, or home medical use!

Brisher Group, LLC Plainfield, IL 60544
Moisturizing Mate Common Uses:
Lotion application
Dry skin treatment
Protect sun-exposed skin
Irritated skin treatment
Travel companion to beach, pool, or spa
Bath & body lotion application
Back lotion applicator
Tanning lotion applicator
Health & Beauty - skin care product

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