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Moisturizing Mate - Skin Care Lotion Applicator for the back and legs.

Lotion Applicator - The Moisturizing Mate

Proper lotion application is important to your skin's overall health and beauty.

Introducing The Moisturizing Mate - an easy to use lotion applicator that features a foam roller lotion applicator, an easy fill reversable handle for left or right handed use, and a unique pump system, making lotion application quick and easy.

The Moisturizing Mate applicator gently applies 100% of your lotion directly to your back and other hard to reach areas without losing the 40% of skin care products that are absorbed by our hands in typical lotion applications.

Just fill the Moisturizing Mate lotion applicator with your favorite lotion, moisturizer, or sunscreen and apply to those hard-to-reach areas of the body! The Moisturizing Mate extends your reach by 12" allowing easy lotion application to the back, legs, and entire body. View our instructional video here to see how easy the Moisturizing Mate lotion applicator is to fill and use.

Moisturizing Mate Product Features

• Holds 2.5 oz of your favorite lotion which is enough for 2-3 full body applications
• Can be used with anything of a lotion consistency:
  moisturizing lotions, sunscreens, self tanners, tan & accelerators,
  hair removal lotions, medicated lotions or gels, hand sanitizing gels,etc
• Weighs only 2.5oz without lotion making it light weight and easy to handle
• Pump driven lotion applicator - the user controls the flow of lotion
• Removable roller for easy cleaning and replacement.
• Includes plastic cover for sealing the roller allowing multiple
  uses and easy mess free storage for travel

This unique lotion applicator is becoming a spa favorite - a skincare necessity for healthy skin all-over. The Moisturizing Mate is great for men, women, children and seniors alike!


Brisher Group, LLC Plainfield, IL 60544
Moisturizing Mate Common Uses:
Lotion application
Dry skin treatment
Protect sun-exposed skin
Irritated skin treatment
Travel companion to beach, pool, or spa
Bath & body lotion application
Back lotion applicator
Tanning lotion applicator
Health & Beauty - skin care product

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